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SALVUS Dentistry Centre was founded by stomatologists Peter and Elisabeth Papiór in 1993. Many years of practice have resulted in our ability to offer our patients complex dental healing, based on knowledge and experience. We constantly keep improving the efficiency of our service in order to meet your demands and - what is the most important - take a good care of your health. Our doctors of various specializations and our whole medical staff go to great lengths to look after the well being of your teeth and mouth in a quick and comfortable way

Who we are?



    We aim to make sure you get with us a full and complex stomatological care, all in one place. This is possible thanks to our long-lasting experience, the most up-to-date medical knowledge and modern equipment.



    It does not matter what kind of things you get engaged into, you should do it with enthusiasm. We do possess this ambition and enthusiasm for dentistry, which is our distinguishing feature, and thanks to this we still, after many years, get great satisfaction from our work.



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What do we deal with

Harmony and beauty of the structure involved in the act of chewing cannot last long if its function is disturbed. Therefore in the rehabilitation of the masticatory system, the aspect of beauty is one thing, but a more complex approach to it is a necessity. To conduct an honest analysis of the patient's problem requires great knowledge and for planning the necessary cure in most cases a team of specialists is indispensable. Available medical knowledge is so extended that conducting the treatment by only one doctor seems to be practically impossible nowadays. Therefore, although it took us many years, we have finally created a team of cooperating specialists whose ultimate aim is to make your smile beautiful and harmonious, and give you a feeling of comfort and safety.