Canal Healing


Canal Healing

Endodontics is the sphere of dentistry that deals with root canal treatment. In our Center we employ endodonts associated in PTE ( Polish Endodontologic Association) and ESE (European Society of Endodontology), which means that we use the most progressive technology (work in koferdam, therapy microscope, thermoplastic methods of filling root canals, digital radiology) Primary canal healing should be conducted always when the pulp of the tooth is infected. Pain can be a symptom of that, or apical inflammation changes on X-ray pictures. Thanks to modern equipment and up-to-date healing technologies, the expected successful result of primary canal treatment comes up to 85% to 95%.


A primary example

A revision of earlier root canal healing is conducted in the case of unsuccessful attempts at canal healing in the past, in case of unsealing of the tooth reconstruction and secondary infection of the canal system, or before prosthetic treatment. In such case successful healing reaches 75% - 85% cases and the alternative for this is extraction of the tooth.


A Secondary example

The success of healing depends on many factors:

  • Very precise diagnostics - digital X-ray pictures, computer tomography
  • Finding out of all canals - they are looked for by the use of dental therapy microscope
  • Correct cleaning of all canals - by means of machine tools made of nickel and titanium
  • Full disinfection - cleaning by means of ultrasound and EndoActivator - 3-Dimensional fillings – thermoplastic gutta-percha
  • Tight reconstruction - prosthetic reconstruction, since it often happens that fitting in a seal filling does not mean it will match tightly.

    Root canal treatment with a microscope

    • Work on root canals by means of machine tools made of nickel and titanium.
    • Filling canals by means thermoplastic pressure method
    • Cleaning jammed canals
    • Closing up of perforations / resorption
    • Removing loose or left tools
    • Finding extra canals
    • Verification of teeth eligible for reconstruction