Elżbieta Papiór

Specialization: dentistry, healing of children.

Graduated from Medical Academy in Wrocław in 1986. Since then has been working as a dentist, realizing her passion – to help the patient by using modern materials, technology and equipment. In 1998 received a specialization diploma in General Dentistry.At that time she started a private dental practice. All the time of her professional life she thinks seriously about development by participating in many courses and lectures organized, for example by Collegium Therapeia, S+M Dental Firm, Dental Conference, Symposium of American Dentistry, conferences of stomatological teams CEDE and many others. „ I always want to see the whole patient, not only one of his teeth. The mouth is a mirror of the whole body and I have happened not once to help diagnose other diseases, for example diabetes. I like working with children, although they are the most difficult, demanding patients. Work in the team of doctors specialists gives me satisfaction of good holistic care over the patient.”