Kasia 2

Katarzyna Suckiel-Papiór

Specialization: Periodonthology, Prosthetics.


She has participated in many theory lectures and practical courses conducted by Polish and foreign lecturers. Constantly deepens her knowledge and raises her professional qualifications.

In SALVUS Dentistry Centre she concentrates on surgical healing of parodontium and mucous membrane diseases and improves the aesthetic aspects of mucosa-gum complex, taking advantage of microsurgical technologies. Cooperation with other dentistry specialists is her priority. She has so far recovered equilibrium of mucosa-gum complex in many patients:

  • Covering of gum recession. Recession – shrinking of the gum towards the top part of the tooth's root, revealing its surface
  • Recovering of the area of connected gum (free gum transplantations)
  • Thickening of the gum before orthodontic healing
  • Augmentation of alveolus by the use of transplantation of connective tissue
  • Surgical lengthening of clinical crown
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Reshaping of frenulum
  • Reshaping of no-tooth alveolus, of jaw tumor
  • Regeneration therapies utilizing implantation materials

She spends her free time resting actively. She likes traveling, mountains, tea, books, the unknown and traveling into the unknown. Her motto is „You need to have a plan, strong wish and fantasy”