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Piotr Papiór

Specialization: prosthetics, maintenance dentistry


Having graduated from the medical Academy in Wrocław in 1986, started to work in Kąty Wrocławskie in multiple employment: a surgery at school, Industrial Medical Centre and District Medical Centre, in 1991 received specialization diploma in the range of General Dentistry. Since 1992 he has run private dental practice and SALVUS was created in 1998. Continually develops his abilities, introducing new innovative technologies, materials and equipment. In Kąty Wrocławskie, he was the first to introduce light-hardened fillings, ultrasonic scaler used for cleaning up of plaque, X-rays of teeth, panoramic X-ray and microscope for root canal therapies. Continuously learning by participating in various courses and lectures. Tries to combine experience and modern technologies and holds the opinion that cooperation among specialists is indispensable to help the patient. He is glad that while working at school he managed to overcome dental fear felt by many children, so that now, as adults, they bring their children to his surgery.