Stomatological Surgery


Stomatological Surgery

Dental surgery is the realm that deals with surgical operations in the mouth, first of all of alveolus. Teeth that are not eligible for permanent reconstruction or covered in vast inflammation should be extracted. It is so, because inflammatory focus causing bacteraemia (sowing of bacteria) into the whole organism may cause, among others, inflammation of the heart muscle, and in extreme cases - sepsis. But not all teeth with a local inflammation are to be extracted. Thanks to cooperation between the endodontics specialist and the periodonthologist many of them can be saved by resection, hemisection or by lengthening of clinical crown and bone augmentation.

All of these therapies can be conducted without pain, by using local anesthesia. Our patients, depending on the seriousness of the surgical intervention, are – before it and after – under full pharmacological and medical care, and what's more, all necessary post-operation undertakings, until the wound heals are covered by the initial price, so that the process of healing does not cause additional financial burden.

A patient should be aware that loosing one tooth opens up a cascade of events, leading to the loss of other teeth. It does not happen immediately, it may last for years, but lack of one tooth causes leaning of neighbouring teeth into the space, incorrect layout of pressure and, in consequence moving and falling out of teeth. Also the tooth on the opposite ridge, moves out of the bone, looking for contact and looses foundation. Therefore when a tooth has to be extracted, a patient should think about filling the empty space by implantation or getting a bridge.

  • Extracting a tooth
  • Extracting an arrested tooth
  • Extracting an extra tooth
  • Extracting of teeth nr 8
  • Finishing of extraction
  • Resection
  • Lengthening of clinical crown
  • Cutting up (reshaping) of frenulum
  • Reshaping of alveolus, for example smoothing up of bone osteophyses before prosthetics
  • Cutting open and cleaning of abscesses
  • Cutting out diseased changes on the mucous membrane
  • Enucleation of the cyst
  • Reshaping of mouth - sinus connection