What do we offer


The offer

We offer our patients highly specialized treatments, requiring all sections of stomatology. We have made special effort to gather all dentistry disciplines in one place, so that you can get complex healing of highest quality in possibly the shortest time. It turned out feasible thanks to willful cooperation of many doctors and thanks to implementing the most modern equipment. We treat every patient individually, ensuring that everyone gets full and complex healing in accordance with the most up-to-date standards. We always make the necessary effort to inform the patient about the reasons underlying his or her problem, the procedures that are necessary to conduct and continue the healing as well as methods by which the patient should look after the result of the treatment. Every therapy is preceded by a conversation, so that the patient is aware of what is happening in the therapeutic process and that he cooperates with the dentist.

  • Individual treatment for every patient
  • Complex healing
  • The most up-to-date standards
  • Imparting knowledge to the patient
  • Conscious healing - patient's active participation